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Please note that this tour is NOT to the active volcano or the glowing, moving lava from the newest eruption in Grindavik, as the local police restrict access to those areas for safety reasons. This tour is to Fagradalsfjall Volcano, and it happens that during this tour, we will be on a mountain with a great view of the newest eruption valley. Then we continue to the Fagradalsfjall lava field & crater area. Viewing the new eruption is not guaranteed, as it depends on the daily conditions of the volcanic activity.


 We adhere strictly to the civil protection guidelines to guarantee your safety. Our guides are locally accredited, professionally trained, and have extensive experience, having conducted these hikes hundreds of times.

Need to custom the tour?

Check this and more private tours we offer in Iceland. Customize the starting time and pick-up location, or even mix tours with activities such as Blue Lagoon, glacier hike, or ATV around the lava. We operate with 2Go Iceland Travel, and create unique experiences. 

Please note:

If you have questions about the tour, accessibility for children, request a different time, and more, check out the FAQs section here.

For prices, please check availability, and the price will appear on the calendar. 

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