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A man standing over a fumarole at Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland.jpg

Fagradalsfjall Volcano Eruption Hike

Hike to the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland

Need to custom the tour?

Check this and more private tours we offer in Iceland. Customize the starting time and pick-up location, or even mix tours with activities such as Blue Lagoon, glacier hike, or ATV around the lava. We operate with 2Go Iceland Travel, and create unique experiences. 

First moments of the eruption at Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland.jpg

A photo of the first moments of the Fagradalsfjall Volcano eruption was taken from Keflavik.

A person taking a picture of the Volcano Fagradalsfjall in Iceland.jpg

The first volcanic crater at Fagradalsfjall Volcano a few days after the eruption started.

Customers with the lava behind at Fagradalsfjall Volcano, with 2Go Iceland tours.jpg


In March 2021, Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula experienced its first volcanic eruption in over 800 years when a fissure opened in the Geldingadalir area. Just weeks before the eruption, over 4,000 earthquakes were registered by the Icelandic MET office, causing hysteria for locals living nearby Grindavík and Keflavík and even felt by residents of the capital Reykjavík.

Despite initial concerns about the impact of the imminent eruption and lava flow on surrounding towns, the eruption was in a perfect place. On March 19, 2021, at 20:45, most people living in Grindavík witnessed the first glow from the volcanic eruption. Luckily, no significant damage was reported, and the area remains a stunning and awe-inspiring sight.

At 2Go Iceland, we quickly responded to this incredible event, organizing the first private tour of the volcanic area just days after the eruption began. As the first company in Iceland to provide private tours to Fagradalsfjall Volcano, we're proud to offer a unique and safe experience led by knowledgeable guides, some of whom work with the Emergency Rescue Squad of Iceland (SAR).

Our local guides are mainly from the Grindavík area, where the volcano is located, and will help you discover all the hidden gems along the way.

You'll witness the stunning beauty of Iceland's volcanic landscape up close and have the opportunity to take in the unique and beautiful surroundings of the Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark.

Don't miss your chance to witness the stunning beauty of the newest Meradalir volcano, located near the old crater from last year, with 2Go Iceland's private tours.

Starting from July 4, 2023,, the Reykjanes Peninsula, specifically near the Fagradalsfjall Volcano and the recent Meradalir volcanic eruption, has experienced a series of earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 3 to over 4.2 on the Richter scale. Given the latest data, an eruption may be imminent due to magma accumulation.


Our guests enjoying the lava show at Fagradalsfjall Volano.

Two persons taking selfie at Fagradalsfjall volcano.jpg
A man taking a picture of the crater at Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland.jpg
The crater at Fagradalsfjall Volcano Eruption in Iceland.jpg
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